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Best Blow-off/Diverter Valve for AUDI 8V (2013-on) 1.8/2.0TFSI: The Go Fast Bits DV+ (late model VAG and Euro applications)-Diverter valve

GFB DV+ Diverter valve (part number T9351) is a direct replacement for the factory valve on late model VAG and Euro applications. (Patent Pending). 

Keep what works and replace what doesn't! This Direct fit replacement for the factory diverter valve uses the existing solenoid with TMS advantage.

Works with stock hardware, improves performance and reliability. Exclusive pilot activation system allows HIGHER boost pressure. The end result is sharper throttle response, lightning-fast valve actuation, and the ability to hold as much boost as you can throw at it. 

The OE solenoid itself is great- the ECU opens it faster than any pneumatic valve so why replace it? The only valve on the market to solve the problem without flutter, excessive cabling and extra parts, installed in half the time at more than half the price. 

GFB have Australia's best performance turbo management solutions. See more of our range at www.gfb.com.au.

Part No. T9351

DV+ (late model VAG and Euro applications)-Diverter valve

Order now and get this part on Tuesday 23rd of July 2019

WHEN you want no noise, no nonsense, just performance

European manufacturers are pushing their engines to the limit. Get a DV to match.

GFB’s DV+ diverter valve range offers a direct-fit performance solution for the weak factory diverter valves used on many modern vehicles.

PCT Patents Pending

By retaining the factory ECU control and recirculating the vented air, the DV+ is a purely performance-oriented product that offers the following benefits:

  • Sharper throttle response
  • Faster boost recovery on gearshift
  • Solves boost leaking issues
  • Built to last

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This product is great!I had been searching for a BOV/DV upgrade for my Audi S3 for a little while and I stumbled across this. I am very pleased with the results.The results surprised me. There was an instant improvement. The turbo spools up quicker


Have had this product installed on my Stage 2+ Golf R for awhile now and love it, boost comes on harder and stays on without any leaks or spikes. This has basically fixed the leaking and boost issues my stock DV couldn't seem to cope with. Unit is nice and stealth & retains the OEM ECU operated control rather than a full mechanical unit like some other units out there, so therefore this unit reponds faster. Overall love the product, does what it is meant to for half the price of any other product out there. Good work GFB, one happy customer :)


I recently upgraded the OEM Rev. "D" diverter valve of my 2009 MKV GTI with a GFB DV+ kit. The car has a APR Stage 3+ turbo upgrade and the DV+ fit without issues and is performing flawlessly. Even though the second spring isn't required on cars with a DSG transmission like mine, I elected to use it. Throttle responsiveness is definitely improved, as is upshifting (not the gear selection but the power delivery). I haven't been able to detect any new noises.


DE: Wir setzen das GFB DV+ in unserem VW Golf 7 GTI selbst ein und sind hoch zufrieden damit. Das Ansprechverhalten beim Beschleunigen hat sich deutlich verbessert. Auch von unseren Kunden haben wir bisher nur positives Feedback erhalten. EN: We use the GFB DV+ in our own VW Golf MK7 GTI and are satisfied with it. The throttle response on acceleration has improved significantly. Also from our customers, we received only positive feedbacks. Thorsten Schlagwein www.MaxRPM.de

Thorsten Schlagwein

Having used GFB products on previous cars and having nothing but positive feedback, when I saw that GFB were making a unit for the Euro VW/Audi range I was interested. I like how the DV+ replaces the known "weak links" in the stock DV with upgraded parts, yet still retains the factory electronically controlled solenoid. Beautifully made and fits perfectly, installation on a Golf R takes only 10-15mins. Having had the DV+ fitted for a few weeks now, it’s holding 26psi or so perfectly and the boost appears to be more consistent than with the stock DV. It’s nice to have an Aussie made product on the car too.


Just some feedback on the valve. It does spool the turbo more quickly and holds a bit more boost at the red line, somewhere between 30 and 50 mb. A run through the gear box produced some good results, in that after a Dsg shift, the boost jumps up so quickly and higher that I had to pull 2 degrees of timing in the shift area to prevent collapse of the timing curve. There seems to be a strong response off partial throttle to full throttle, more grunt so to speak, but exactly how much is difficult to quantify. In general it's operation appears much quieter, more rapid and direct. All been said and done, it's easy to install, looks good, and performs as good as you claim. I'm happy with it and will highly recommend it to anyone looking for an after market DV. Golf 6 R Dsg, Stage 2+, water meth, 287kw 542 Nm Sae on the crank, custom tune.


The be all end all of DV's for the Audi, finally. I was sick of ripping the rubber diaphragm DV, and then got sick of the sluggish leaking performance from the revised "D" piston DV. There wasn't a happy medium until the DV+ came out. Ever since install, I've been extremely pleased and will back this product up 100%. It feels good to hold boost again, and have responsive throttle response when needed GFB, great work guys


The DV+ is fantastic! The placement of the DV in my A4 made it a bit inconvenient to replace, but it was definitely worth the work. The turbo spools up much faster, and it retains boost much better than the old one (especially in that the old one just dumped all of the pressure after lifting off the gas pedal). The ride, overall, is a lot less jerky (from an already smooth ride) and it basically drives like a V6 now. Thanks a bunch to GFB. You guys are phenomenal. I will surely be looking into the G-Force II for my next mod.


Fitted the DV+ to my 600 ps Audi TTRS the other day.First impressions are very good,holding boost nicely and throttle response is sharp.Looks like a well made quality part and well worth the money.


Would I suggest this product to someone, ABSOLUTELY. This thing kicks ass. My car now peaks around 16-17psi and holds strong at 15psi throughout the entire powerband. I have noticed the turbo lag became even more minimal and it also seems to have increased the throttle response. I did not get the pigeon sound that some people talk about. Another thing it did that I love it even more for is, it got rid of the whining my car would make when really getting on it. The car would scream like there is no tomorrow. Well, that is finally gone as well. Overall the quality of the product is incredible. It's clearly built to last and with stand any amount of boost pressure you try to throw its way. For about $140 you really can improve your cars performance.


I'm running a stage 2 tune and had issues with boost loss. During moderate acceleration and while boost built up, gear changes during this time would result in a loss of boost. This issue has now been resolved with the application of the DV+! Not only did it fix the boost leak, but now has a noticeable improvement in throttle response! The guys from GFB, gave great customer service and advice to help me with the application and resolve my issue. Quality product and very happy with results! Thanks again!


Well worth it! The boost comes in earlier and stronger and it holds it all the way up. It's a very noticeable improvement.


I was put onto the GFB DV by a friend in the Dominican Republic of all places. Installation for the Golf R takes all of 10 minutes for the mechanically minded given you have direct access in front of your intake manifold. You can instantly feel the response of the turbo spooling up faster. On a mid 10 second car you wouldn't think it would be possible but it is. For spirited street driving or track day work this is a big plus. The OEM DV is renowned for boost leak to some degree but not sure whether gains are to be made in the drag strip, well not in DSG form but suspect for a manual there would be. Time will tell though! I'm not too fazed as for everyday driving it was a worthwhile investment and to support a local manufacturer was a big plus. Packaged well, top notch machining, easy installation, great value and does what is says is should, what more could you ask for!


I had ran both the factory unit and the latest revision and still had leaking and a "hollow wooshing sound" as my kids described it at almost any boost level. The car was sluggish and mileage was down. The car has a B&B turbo back exhaust and CTS intake system. Installed the GFB unit in about 20 minutes (took longer to get the car in the air than to do the install). The result was immediate. No more whooshing sounds, car was back to its previous acceleration levels and what I expected after the installation of the other parts. Gas mileage was back up, and we were back to being happy with the cars performance, and thinking of a ECU tune after the PCV upgrade and an intake manifold cleanout/de-carb.


Installed DV+ in my Proton Preve CFE, the boost can hold longer at higher rpm. Muted blow-off sound, it feel good during accelerate & its solved the boost leak issue as well. All thing done well when it paired with my Racechip, tmworks ignition harness. Totally different driving experience compare to stock.


The DV+ is really impressive & works great. once installed, it can hold higher boost & can feel my car is moving faster than before. its also mute the BOV sound which i feel like driving an NA .


This DV worked wonders in my 2.0 TSI Seat Leon FR, eliminated most of the lag found at low RPM's (running an APR stage II+ remap) and gave me full boost at a wider RPM range, I totally recommend it! Do not waste your money on those expensive valve kit "solutions", this DV is the s**t!


Great packaging, good instructions and easy install. This part did wonders to my stage 1 S3 as I was getting a whistling noise from a revision G DV I installed a year ago. Turns out even the newest OEM DV couldn't manage the increased boost and it came out all broken down in pieces when installing the DV+. The car feels totally different now.


So glad I purchased this DV+ I can drive in sport mode again without horrible down shifts. Much smoother gear changes with no loss of boost and spools much quicker. No more dieing seagull sound when building boost. MKV DSG Stage 2

Jason W

Fantastic product, my car had power cuts at high RMP's under wide open throttle and this diverter valve solved it instantly. Definitely notice a difference in throttle response too! Turbo is so much happier, excellent product highly recommend it.


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